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Handbooks of Applied Linguistics [HAL]
Handbook of Communication Competence
Handbook of Communication in Organisations and Professions
Handbook of Communication in the Public Sphere
Handbook of Foreign Language Communication and Learning
Handbook of Intercultural Communication
Handbook of Interpersonal Communication
Handbook of language and communication : diversity and change
Handbook of Multilingualism and Multilingual Communication
Handbook of technical communication

Handbooks of Pragmatics [HOPS]
Cognitive Pragmatics
Foundations of Pragmatics
Historical Pragmatics
Interpersonal Pragmatics
Pragmatics across Languages and Cultures
Pragmatics of Computer-Mediated Communication
Pragmatics of Discourse
Pragmatics of Society
Pragmatics of Speech Actions

Cognitive lexicography: a new approach to lexicography making use of cognitive semanticse
Research on Dictionary Use in the Context of Foreign Language Learning: Focus on Reading Comprehension

Sign Languages and Deaf Communities [SLDC]
Modal and Focus Particles in Sign Languages
Mouth Actions in Sign Languages
Sign Language Research, Uses and Practices
The Meaning of Space in Sign Language

Trends in Applied Linguistics [TAL]
Any Questions?: Identity Construction in Academic Conference Discussions
English as a Lingua Franca in Higher Education: A Longitudinal Study of Classroom Discourse
Identity in (Inter)action: Introducing Multimodal (Inter)action Analysis
L2 Writing Development: Multiple Perspectives
Language Talent and Brain Activity
Learning Chinese: Linguistic, Sociocultural, and Narrative Perspectives
Talk as Therapy: Psychotherapy in a Linguistic Perspective
The Multiple Realities of Multilingualism: Personal Narratives and Researchers’ Perspectives

Trends in Linguistics: Studies and Monographs [TiLSM]
Codeswitching Worldwide. II
Documenting Endangered Languages
Form and Function in Language Research
Functional Approaches to Language
Globalisation and African Languages
Language and the Cognitive Construal of the World
Language Conflict and Language Planning
Language Diversity Endangered
Linguistic and Literary Studies. Volume 4 Linguistics and Literature
Linguistic Change under Contact Conditions
Linguistic Minorities and Literacy
Situated Communication
Sociolinguistic Studies in Language Contact

A case for psycholinguistic cases
Advances in Digital Language Learning and Teaching : Teaching Languages with Technology : Communicative Approaches to Interactive Whiteboard Use
Applied linguistics perspectives on CLIL
Bilingualism and language disability : assessment & remediation
Cambridge Handbooks in Language and Linguistics : Cambridge Handbook of Language Policy
Cambridge Handbooks in Psychology : Cambridge Handbook of Psycholinguistics
Comprensión de textos escritos
Complexity : A Guided Tour
Complexity and Postmodernism : Understanding Complex Systems
Complexity theory and language development : in celebration of Diane Larsen-Freeman
Consciousness and intentionality
Consciousness & emotion : agency, conscious choice, and selective perception
Consciousness, emotional self-regulation, and the brain
Creating self-regulated learners : strategies to strengthen students' self-awareness and learning skills
Cultural linguistics : cultural conceptualisations and language
Culture in communication : analyses of intercultural situations
Current issues in intercultural pragmatics
De l’idéologie monolingue à la doxa plurilingue : regards pluridisciplinaires
Discourse markers in native and non-native english disourse
Dynamics among Nations : The Evolution of Legitimacy and Development in Modern States
Emotional cognition : from brain to behaviour
Ethnographic Fieldwork : A Beginner's Guide
Expanding individual difference research in the interaction approach : investigating learners, instructors, and other interlocutors
Fundamentals of Psycholinguistics
Growing old with two languages : effects of bilingualism on cognitive aging
Handbook of terminology, volume 1
History of applied linguistics: from 1980 to the present
Hypernetworks In The Science Of Complex Systems
Indirect Reports and Pragmatics : Interdisciplinary Studies
Individual Learner Differences in SLA
Integrating Chinese linguistic research and language teaching and learning
Introducing Psycholinguistics
Introduction to Psycholinguistics : Understanding Language Science
Language as a Local Practice
Language education and applied linguistics : bridging the two fields
Language, Migration and Social Inequalities : A Critical Sociolinguistic Perspective on Institutions and Work
Language, Mobility and Institutions, Volume 2 : Language, Migration and Social Inequalities : A Critical Sociolinguistic Perspective on Institutions and Work
Language Topics: Essays in Honour of Michael Halliday, Volume 1
Language Topics: Essays in Honour of Michael Halliday, Volume 2
Learner and teacher autonomy : concepts, realities, and responses
Le Dit et le Non-Dit : Langage(s) et traduction
L’ingenierie pedagogique : pour construire l’apprentissage en reseau
Manual of Specialised Lexicography : The Preparation of Specialised Dictionaries
Mirror neurons and the evolution of brain and language
Mm textbooks, vol 10: key topics in second language acquisition
Narrative and identity : studies in autobiography, self and culture
New pedagogies and practices for teaching in higher education : team teaching
New perspectives on language and education. Vol 31:collaborative writing in l2 classrooms
Pragmatica y Comunicación Intercultural en el Mundo Hispanoparlante
Pragmatics of Interaction
Psycholinguistics : Introduction and Applications
Psycholinguistics of Bilingualism
Reading comprehension in educational settings
Relevance Theory: Recent Developments, Current Challenges and Future Directions
Rethinking Academic Writing Pedagogy for the European University
Routledge Studies in Sociolinguistics : Economics of the Multilingual Workplace
Second language acquisition, vol 74: Sociocultural Theory and L2 Instructional Pragmatics
Second language acquisition, vol 85: second language creative writers: identities and writing processes
Second language acquisition, vol 92: new perspectives on transfer in second language learning
Sens et signification dans les espaces francophones
Teaching and Learning at a Distance : Foundations of Distance Education (6th Edition)
Teaching Languages with Technology : Communicative Approaches to Interactive Whiteboard Use
Terminology : Theory, methods and applications
The abstraction engine : extracting patterns in language, mind and brain
Theories of reading development
The Handbook of Language Emergence : Handbook of Language Emergence
The Routledge Handbook of Language Testing
The Routledge Handbook of Pragmatics
Translation Library, Volume 12 : Manual of Specialised Lexicography : The Preparation of Specialised Dictionaries
Translingual practice : global englishes and cosmopolitan relations
Usage-inspired L2 Instruction : researched pedagogy
Where do nouns come from?
Writing in foreing language contexts: learning, teaching, and research

A Developer's Guide to the Semantic Web
A History of Korea : From Antiquity to the Present
A Practitioner Handbook on Evaluation
An Introduction to Critical Discourse Analysis in Education
Approach and Language
Code-switching in Bilingual Children
Computational Nature of Language Learning and Evolution
Critical Pedagogy and Cognition : An Introduction to a Postformal Educational Psychology
Cross-cultural Research Methods in Psychology
Developing Your Portfolio : Enhancing Your Learning and Showing Your Stuff: a Guide for the Early Childhood Student or Professional
Diaspora Literature and Visual Culture : Asia in Flight
Educational Innovations Beyond Technology : Nurturing Leadership and Establishing Learning Organizations
Engaging the Online Learner : Activities and Resources for Creative Instruction
Flexible Pedagogy, Flexible Practice : Notes From the Trenches of Distance Education
Global Chinese Literature : Critical Essays
Globalization and Language in the Spanish-speaking World : Macro and Micro Perspectives
Grammars of Space : Explorations in Cognitive Diversity
Handbook of Developmental Research Methods
How to Study Linguistics : A Guide to Understanding Language
How to Teach Now : Five Keys to Personalized Learning in the Global Classroom
Instructional Design for Teachers : Improving Classroom Practice
Introduction to Psycholinguistics : Understanding Language Science
Key Issues in E-learning : Research and Practice
Language and the Internet
Linguistic Student's Handbook
Perception and Knowledge : A Phenomenological Account
Phonology in Context
Pragmatics of Interaction
Pragmatic Markers in Contrast
Relevance Theory: Recent Developments, Current Challenges and Future Directions
Teaching Students Thinking Skills and Strategies : A Framework for Cognitive Education in Inclusive Settings
Terminology : Theory, methods and applications
The acquisition of sociolinguistic competence in a Lingua Franca context 
The Blackwell guide to the philosophy of language
The Concise Encyclopedia of Sociology
The Greenwood Dictionary of Education
Topic and Focus : Cross-linguistic Perspectives on Meaning and Intonation
Visual Research Methods : In the Social Sciences
Why We Talk : The Evolutionary Origins of Language


Encyclopaedia Britannica

Library Press Display

Malintzin Itlahtol

Apicultur. Funciones lingüísticas online para aplicaciones
Atlas interactivo de la entonación del español
Atlas Lingüístico de la Península Ibérica (ALPI) en línea
BabelNet: a multilingual encyclopedic dictionary and a semantic network
Base de datos: Normas de Asociación de Palabras para el Español de México en Escolares
Biblioteca Digital de Textos del Español Antiguo: Textos del Lazarillo de Tormes (1554)
Biblioteca Virtual de la Filología Española
CANeo TIP - Catalogador automático de neologismos sufijales y prefijales
Conjugador TIP para dispositivos móviles Android
Deaf Atlas
DiaTech: herramienta online para análisis geolingüísticos
Diccionario Clave online
Diccionario de Colocaciones del Español
Diccionario de Colocaciones del Español (DiCE)
Diccionario de la Ciencia y de la Técnica del Renacimiento (DICTER)
Diccionario de Ladinokomunita: diccionario y corpus de judeo-español
Diccionario de Textos Concejiles de Andalucía (DITECA)
Diccionario de Venezolanismos
Diccionario del castellano del siglo XV en la Corona de Aragón (DiCCA-XV)
Diccionario del Español de México
Diccionario Griego - Español online
Diccionario Histórico del Español de Canarias (DHECan) online
DicoInfo. Le dictionnaire fondamental de l'informatique et de l'Internet (English, Français, Español)
DIRAE (Diccionario Inverso de la RAE)
El diccionario en la encrucijada: de la sintaxis y la cultura al desafío digital
ESCOW14: corpus español online de 3.700 millones de palabras
FrameNet Brasil World Cup Dictionary: A frame-based domain-specific dictionary in Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish and English
Gestores bibliográficos: recomendaciones para su aprovechamiento en la academia
Glosario de la versión castellana de fray Vicente de Burgos del De Proprietatibus Rerum de Bartolomé Ánglico
Glossary Links
Idiomas en peligro de extinción
IntraHistoriografía. Blog de Historiografía Lingüística e Historia de las Enseñanzas Lingüísticas
LA (DES)CORTESÍA EN EL DISCURSO: Perspectivas interdisciplinarias (imagen, actos de habla y atenuación)
Lectures on Cognitive Semantics and Natural Language Processing: vídeo de las conferencias
Lemario general, lemario verbal y lista de las formas verbales flexivas del español
Léxico hispanoamericano online
Léxico Judío Latinoamericano
Lingmex. Bibliografía lingüística de México desde 1970
Lingmotif 1.0
Los mexicanos vistos por sí mismos
Los retos del futuro en la traducción contemporanea
MORFORETEM: Blog de Morfología del Español
New Edition of "Ethnologue" Released Online
PANACEA Labour Spanish monolingual corpus
petraTAG - Etiquetador morfosintáctico y lematizador
RED. Revista de Educación a Distancia
Refranario, el diccionario de refranes
Release of BabelNet 3.7: A multilingual encyclopedic dictionary
SentiLecto v2.4. NLU engine for Spanish
Silabeador TIP para dispositivos móviles con Android
Spanish Emotion Lexicon
Tesauro sinóptico multilingüe de afecciones de los tejidos blandos de la cavidad bucal
Tesol English Language Bulletin
The World Atlas of Language Structures Online
Todoele - Manuales ELE
Verbeia. Revista de estudios filológicos
Web Semántica y Ontología
WordNet Domains: Now available the new mapping with WordNet topics, and Wikipedia categories

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